They take folk tradition, add a dab of humor, and the rest is pure enjoyment! ”

— Maureen Hendrick, Glasgow Highland Games

Who/What is Father Son and Friends?

Father Son and Friends has been a family band consisting of Joey (Father), Shawn (Son) and a host of friends that have traveled the globe sharing their brand of Celtic/Americana folk music for more than 30 years. As times change, so does the band as they now welcome Grandson, Alex to the ranks. 

Having played the Mumford and Sons "Gentleman of the Road" tour, received an Irish Music Awards Nomination for "Top Traditional Group in a Pub, Festival, Concert" and having wrapped up a tour of Scotland in 2022 - FSF are finding time back in the studio to work on their latest CD “Reign Mercy”.   

Whether it's a Highland Games, Irish Festival, Folk/Community Festival, Theater or a Pub, Father Son and Friends is exactly what you are looking for.  For more information go to the "Contact Us" tab or click on the "Tour Dates" page to see where/when FSF will be performing near you.  You won't be disappointed!   



Scotland Tour 2022

Join Father Son and Friends as we head to Scotland July 16, 2022 - July 23, 2022.  Simply click on the flyer below to get started....