FSF Neck Gaiter
  • FSF Neck Gaiter


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To help you feel safer to venture out, try our fashionable branded neck gaiter. Great for all kinds of outdoor activities. Order yours today for $10 or receive one FREE with the purchase of any FSF CD or complete Album Download.
Note: This neck gaiter is not guaranteed to prevent contracting any virus, disease, STD or any other affliction. Nor is it to be used during any behavior outside of the law. In short, please don't end up on the cover of the enquirer wearing our logo on your face!

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30th Anniversary T-Shirt
  • 30th Anniversary T-Shirt
  • 30th Anniversary T-Shirt


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This, limited edition, FSF 30th Anniversary shirt comes in both men's and women's design complete with a listing of current band members, original band members, longtime band members and people that have recorded and/or performed on stage with the band over the last 30 years.

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A great collection of Celtic/Americana songs, Jigs, Reels and Shanties, Tracks Include: The Balena/Father Kelly's - Taighli Bay - Dirty Old Town - Shady Grove/Drowsy Maggie - Bully In The Alley - John O' Dreams - Closer To Fine/Mason's Apron - Drop Of Nelson's Blood - Road Agent's Lament - Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time - Roll, Alabama Roll - I Know You Rider - The Cremation Of Sam McGee

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At Home
  • At Home


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We took a lot of songs based on the life of our ancestors in Kentucky. The CD is filled with spirited songs, passionate ballads, and driving insturmentals. We also recorded some of our favorite tunes as well. We hope that you enjoy our latest effort!
The tracks include:
Cooley's/Silver Spear/High Reel
Old Moke Pickin On A Banjo
Breakfast in Hell
The Mermaid
Hard Times
You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive
Campbell's Farewell/John Ryans/Dennis Murphys
Coal Tattoo/Fermoy Lasses
Galway Girl
Glasgow Peaches
Maggie May/The Banshee
Wagon Wheel
The Mist Covered Mountains

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CD: Just Sittin' Around
  • CD: Just Sittin' Around


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What a great CD!  Released in 2008 and played on by members of Father Son and Friends, this is actually a collection of origional tunes written by Joey Hall with some additional songs as well.    

Song List: 
Warriors Son
Olustee (Incident of Ocean Pond)
The Voices
What the River Knows
Cumberland Wind
Frozen Heather
Reaching Out
Heather Bell
Another Freedom Falls
Another Irish Drinking Song
Soldier's Lament

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